Business Intelligence Advanced Course & Certification

About the Course & Certification

BIWHIZ brings to you an assortment of various courses and certifications on Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, Analytics, Big Data, BI Project Management, BI Support Management, Data & Dimensional Modeling and Advanced SQL and tools as well.

We believe that these advanced courses add great value to your skills & expertise and can accelerate your career growth to a great extent.

We have identified Eight major subject areas within BI Domain and run courses for each of them. A learner can go for any individual course and gain advanced knowledge in that field. But if a learner decides to learn more than one skill and want to go for various courses then in that case BIWHIZ has decided to award this avid learner a specialized certification. We call it an "Advanced Certification on BI" if a learner completes any four courses out of eight courses.

List of these eight courses and certifications is as below. Please click on any of the below links to know the details.

  1. Advanced Business Intelligence Course and Certification
  2. Advanced Data Warehousing Course and Certification
  3. Advanced Analytics Course and Certification
  4. Advanced Big Data Course and Certification
  5. Advanced Data & Dimensional Modeling Course and Certification
  6. Advanced SQL Course and Certification
  7. BI Program & Project Management Course and Certification
  8. BI Infrastructure, Support & Operation Management Course and Certification

Course Details

Please visit individual course pages for Curriculum, Course Objectives, Batch Schedules, Duration, Fee, Timings, FAQ & Sample Exam questions etc.

Want a Fast Track Course which includes all these technologies?

In case you want a fast track knowledge on BI, Datawarehousing, Big Data, Analytics, Dimensional Modeling and SQL and do not want detail knowledge on each of them then you can go for a Business Intelligence Professional course. Click here to know more.

Course Features

  • Live Classes

    Live Instructor Led classes from Industry Experts. Option to choose from Online or Classroom Lectures. Case studies from real life projects.

  • Ongoing Research

    Research team works hard to bring out the latest innovations and best practices of course subjects. Courses are evolving continuously; they never get stale.

  • Be More Productive

    Get work related tips and perform your work more efficiently. Once you know the tricks of trade, you become more productive.

  • Industry Experts

    Classes are conducted by Industry Experts. Learners gain from world class curriculum and extensive experiences of Trainers as well.

  • Easy Reschedule

    Have you missed a class? Don't worry !!, You can watch the class videos or you can also request for a reschedule. We will invite you for next class for Free.

  • Learning Material

    Learners get unlimited access to online and offline materials. Don't worry if you miss any class, we will be providing you a repeat class online or offline.

  • Learning Support

    Learners are encouraged to ask online and offline questions. Our team of Trainers makes it a priority to answer these questions.

  • Money-back Guarantee

    If you are not satisfied with the quality then take full refund within the seven days of first class. No questions will be asked.

  • Career Support

    Learner's resume is reviewed and a one-to-one discussion is arranged with an expert to advice on career roadmap and job opportunities. For details, visit Career Centre


A certification will be issued once a learner successfully completes any four courses offered by BIWHIZ as listed in the first section. Regarding the completion criteria for individual courses, please visit the course page. The name of the certification is "BIWHIZ CERTIFIED BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE ADVANCED PROFESSIONAL".

There will be no extra fee charged for this certification, as soon as a learner completes the fourth course & certification, he or she will receive the Advanced certification.

Certificate Issuing Authority

BIWHIZ is part of the company "Business Intelligence Consultant and Services LLP". Certificates are issued by "Business Intelligence Consultant and Services LLP". This is a registered company with Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is it necessary to have any prior knowledge on BI before starting these courses?

    Generally there no major Pre-requisites requirements for any course. Please refer to course pages for more detail.

  2. Are these courses for me? What value would they add to my career?

    Data Science, Business Intelligence, Big Data and Analytics are the new age career. There are immense job and career growth opportunities in this space. If you want to start your career in this field or if you are already working and want to strengthen your knowledge in a specific area then these courses are right for you.

  3. What are the Curriculum , Timing and Fee for each courses?

    Please visit the course pages to know all the details.

  4. What are the differences between Professional, Advanced and Master Certifications?

    Professional course and certification is for Beginning learners. There is no single stand alone course for Advanced or Master Certifications but they are achieved by completing four courses or eight courses respectively from the list of eight Advanced courses we have.

  5. Do you charge extra Fee for this certificate if I have already paid and completed four courses?

    No, as soon as you complete four courses, we deliver this certification to you. We do not charge any extra money for it.

  6. Do you give a soft copy or a hard copy of Certificate?

    We give a soft copy; however you can request for a hard copy as well. We will send the hard copy by post, free of cost.

  7. What is the market value of BIWHIZ certifications?

    Our course and certification creation process is based on Industry standards and best practices and there has been a major research done by BIWHIZ team to understand the exact market requirements. Courses are based on these real requirements and cater to the need of companies working in this space. These courses are validated by our Industry partners and there is a widespread acceptance for our courses in the Industry.

  8. I guess I need to have very fast Internet connection to be able to attend these courses?

    Generally 1 MB connection is sufficient however lower bandwidth connections are also working fine.

  9. Can I request for another class if I miss it?

    You can watch the recorded session video or you can also attend the same class in next batch.

  10. Why Certification is included in the course?

    This is to make sure that a learner has understood the course content and BIWHIZ has verified the knowledge level of the Learner. Certification is the proof that you have achieved a certain level on course and any authorized organization can verify that with us.

  11. What if I am not able to clear the Certification exam in first attempt?

    You can take extra attempts for free.

  12. What is the learning support and would it be available after completing the course as well?

    You can raise your queries and doubts during and post training period. All queries will be resolved by Industry experts.

  13. Do you help in career related issues as well, like reviewing resume, mentoring for my career growth?

    Yes, we have a panel of Industry experts who will guide and mentor you; please check Career Centre for more details.

  14. Will you sell my data to Recruitment/marketing companies or will you use it for Recruitment or any other activities not related with Training?

    NO, Never. Your details are highly confidential and safe with us. But If you are willing to accept any such calls then you can inform us in advance with a specific need and we will contact only for those specific requirements. For a detailed privacy policy please check Terms, Conditions & Privacy Policy.

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