We have compiled a list of trends in Business Intelligence and Information Management space. Below is the excerpt from that compilation.

Big Data

As we know that big systems(specially social platforms) are moving to Big Data, it is natural for BI to align to this new data structure. There has been a major hype on Big Data and the momentum is going on in new projects, training and product development space. This is poised for high growth in the near future. As per a recent survey, there is a huge shortage of people who are good both in BI and Big Data.


Well everybody knew about this too but there was always talk and talk about how this can help companies harness “hidden” pattern or create a magic box to see in future but there seemed to be little connection between data scientist and commercial usage. Fortunately this is changing now and companies see a tremendous value in going for Analytics. Analytics is going to be the inseparable part of BI Agenda in the future.

In memory Analytics

As memory is becoming cheaper, Industry will continue to witness a huge growth in in-memory analytics implementation. In-memory analytics tools allow to analyze data in computer’s RAM, resulting in quick and simple data exploration for BI and analytic applications. SAP HANA is making a killing in this space.

BI in the Cloud

There are some traction happening in this space, problems which remain are security of business sensitive data , huge volume transfer lag and integration issues with non-cloud applications.

Mobile BI

This is not new and Mobile delivery was integrated in almost all leading BI tools in the past decade itself. But what is new is the adoption of Mobile BI. This has been fueled by some very fascinating mobile BI tools in recent times. These new product and service companies made Mobile BI implementation a lot more successful. Mobile BI will gain momentum in near future.

Multiple BI Tools

Like it or not but multiple BI tools are here to stay in near future. No BI vendor has yet come up with an all-in-one fit-to-all and cost effective set of tools which can serve all BI purpose. Although there are product offerings from leading players where they claim it for all purpose and for-all but those are still not completely integrated or are too costly.

Open Source BI Tools

As more and more economies are adopting BI as a business tool, many organization prefer to go for Open source tool as ROI is very high on those. We see this trend gain momentum in developing countries where organizations are still willing to experiment and want to reduce cost and yet adopt BI.

Job Market

BI will continue to grow. It is vital for experts to gain or at least be aware of upcoming areas and make sure that they have latest knowledge on at least one of them. This will make sure that they are ahead of their peers and ready to leap into new roles.

Training Market

Big Data, Analytics and BI training market is booming as there is a huge demand for professionals with these skill sets. Training companies which provides authentic trainings in this space will continue to grow.